This article was written by Stacy Harrison, the Peace & Style marketing coordinator.


As Jennifer’s marketing coordinator of six months, I’ve had a behind-the-scenes view of Peace and Style from its beginning.

Jennifer’s been my first client within the fashion and beauty industry, although now that I’ve watched her process I wouldn’t categorize it as such. It’s not about the clothes, as I quickly learned.

Watching her work with clients and adapting her personality into various outreach and marketing efforts, I’ve learned that Jennifer isn’t anything like what I thought a personal stylist is like.

It turns out a lot of Jennifer’s clients feel that way. Her clients imagine personal stylists and personal shoppers as only a service for wealthy elites or socialites. That personal stylists only style their clients in a specific brand or look based on what they prefer, not what their clients need.

I wanted to put together a case study that helps demystify Jennifer’s process and why kind of benefit an average client experiences.

But I didn’t want to use just any client. I interviewed perhaps the most biased client: Jennifer’s very own sister, Jacquie.

Personal Styling case study of Jacquie: before
Personal Styling case study of Jacquie: after

Asking for Help with Style

Jacquie is a mom of three grown children and watches her grandchildren during the day. She lives in a small town, and leads a busy life with her family. As she stays at home with her grandchildren, she dresses for comfort and function: baggy clothes that were easy to wash.

As a caregiver to her grandchildren, Jacquie was used to wearing comfortable soft pants around the house with the kids. When she needed to run errands, she would need to run home and pretty herself up with nicer clothes and makeup before heading out.

Although Jennifer’s been styling women for over twenty years, Jacquie never fully understood personal styling.

Jacquie shared her opinions on personal stylists prior to working with Jennifer: frankly, she was intimidated by personal stylists. It seemed like one big Unknown because she didn’t understand their process. She thought only wealthy women or corporate CEOs hired personal stylists, and that they only pushed expensive new clothes on their clients.

In short, Jacquie didn’t think their services would be applicable to her life. Even with a personal stylist for a sister, Jacquie had all these common hang-ups.

It wasn’t until reading Jennifer’s blog that Jacquie had a better understanding of Jennifer’s process and how she works with each client. Jacquie began to feel less intimidated by Jennifer’s expertise and realized she could gain some powerful insight by working with her own sister.

So Jacquie approached Jennifer and asked for style help.


An Uplifting Transformation

Uplifting: that’s what Jacquie calls her transformation.

Jennifer worked with her sister Jacquie to find clothes that were comfortable to wear as she played with her grandchildren but would also be appropriate to wear running errands. Clothes that let her live her life without pausing to change outfits.

Jacquie admitted to me as we chatted that she didn’t realize such a simple change could affect her so much.

She was completely surprised by the transformation.

Jennifer, as Jacquie recalls, worked with such compassion and understanding, completely free of judgment. And speaking from my own experience with Jennifer, that’s how she treats all her clients.

Finding an appropriate style that worked for Jacquie’s life helped her think differently about her clothes.

It’s beyond finding a style that works for herself, it’s also about how it affects the people in Jacquie’s life. Presenting herself in a nice, but functional outfit was an improvement to the soft pants and tired clothes.

In short, Jacquie realized impressions matter.


The Whole Experience

I asked Jacquie to summarize her experience with Jennifer in a single word. She chose “uplifting.” Jennifer helped her accept her body, not that “when I lose 40 pounds” body that we all have tucked away in the back of our minds.

The experience is completely pressure-free and judgment-free as Jennifer finds your unique style instead of creating a clone of herself.

“I didn’t feel like Jennifer tried to make me dress like anyone else, Jacquie says. “I didn’t feel condemned or intimidated. She speaks the truth in a loving way, to help you accept yourself as you are.”


What This Means For You, Dear Reader

If you only take away one thing, take this: your clothes affect your outlook on life as well as the impression you make.

Even if you primarily stay at home, like myself or Jacquie, working with a friendly personal stylist can help you feel more confident, productive, capable, or simply accepted.

The clothes you put on your skin have a powerful ability to shape your mind and mood. Wearing clothes that are ill-fitting or inappropriate affects you negatively, emotionally and physically.

You are who you are, and you deserve to feel amazing without changing yourself.