Closet Curation

Organize and Refresh Your Closet

How many times have you tried on outfit after outfit, finally lamenting that you have nothing to wear? And yet, a closet full of clothes stares back at you.

A closet can feel stale. An expert’s eye can help find new combinations and better ways to manage the chaos in your closet. Whether you need to pare down your closet or add in essential versatile pieces, a Closet Curation can give your wardrobe a style boost.

Who This is For

If you answer yes to any of the following, our Closet Curation is right for you:

  •  You love the clothes you have but want to freshen it up.
  • You aren’t ready to invest in a new wardrobe, but want to dress more confidently.
  • The thought of cleaning out your closet alone is overwhelming.
  • You want to pare down your closet without losing outfit options.

How I Can Help

I will save you time and headaches by optimizing what you already have.

I will help you get to the heart of your style through a discussion about your lifestyle, influences, and aspirations. We’ll also talk about what is working, what you’re struggling with and why you’re ready for a change.

Together, we will sort your wardrobe into what should stay, what should be donated or sold, and what should be sent for alterations. We will work together to create ready to wear outfits from the clothing you already own.

We will catalog the clothing you already own for your Exclusive and Private Virtual Closet.

We will work together to create ready to wear outfits from the clothing you already own for your Lookbook to save you time and stress in the morning.

We will discover a style that reflects who you are, who you want to be, and how you project that into the world.

I am so grateful for the closet curation you help me achieve. I can easily dress and access my outfits thanks to the specific information you gave as we tried on all my clothing. This was worth every minute and dollar spent!


hat You’ll Get


During our initial consultation, we’ll define your needs, goals, and style. I’ll ask a wide range of questions to get to know you, your influences, and what you want to accomplish.

A Full Review of Your Wardrobe

We will spend up to 3 hours together in your closet trying on each piece, assessing it for fit, style and quality. We will sort into 3 groups: keep, tailor, move-on. For your virtual closet and lookbook, we will photograph each piece you decide to keep. As you are trying on clothes, I will help you discover what works for your body and your life. At the end of the session, your closet will be filled with only the pieces that fit and flatter you.

Personalized Online Shopping

Sometimes all a closet needs are a few basic pieces to pull together several new outfits. My expertise will guide you in how you can grow and expand your closet throughout the seasons. In a follow-up review, I provide specific online shopping suggestions that will save you time and money.

Virtual Closet and Lookbook

We’ll catalog all your outfit options and create your virtual closet and lookbook. This way, you’ll be able to see the amazing options later without having to try everything on again. An effortless way to dress!

Ongoing Support

Have questions after your Closet Curation? You’ll receive 6 months of ongoing support so you never have to wonder, “how do I look?”

Get Started Today

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I LOVE my closet and the looks! You have no idea how much better I feel about myself since we did this process. Getting rid of all those clothes has been incredible. I am so grateful for this work you do.


Jennifer helped me to streamline my closet. She combines respectful honesty with professional warmth. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Kelly R.